MCK group was founded in 2009 by professionals with great experience at industrial automation area and special machines construction from the automobilist industry. With a 100% national capital, it has proven experience at industrial automation, special machines and engineering in general, besides it’s formed by a highly expert technical team, aware of the most modern technological solutions offered by the market.

It operates in many markets and industrial areas in general, like automobilist, car parts, Chemist and Pharmaceutical industries, Petrochemical, Plastic and Rubber, Paper and Celluloses, among others.


Perform services with punctuality, quality and safety, with trained and experienced professionals, guaranteeing efficiency at the activities we perform. Offer a personalized treatment, overcoming the expectations and, therefore, setting a a stable and lasting relationship between the client and the company.

MCK has as main mission provide innovative technological solutions to its clients, reaching for high levels of competitivity and profits.


  • Focus in the client’s treatment and their satisfaction
  • Prioritization of a good treatment
  • Encouragement to creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Incentive to training and professional development
  • Honesty in the given information
  • Competitive differentials

Competitive Differentials

As a developer of proprietary technology, MCK has the flexibility to tailor services and solutions to the needs and objectives of Clients.


MCK has a team of highly qualified professionals updated on the industrial automation technology available in the market, able to offer the most suitable solutions to the clients’ needs.

Integrated Solutions

The client has all the integrated solution in one single company, since the mechanical project to the electro-electronic project, manufacturing, setting-up, integration, try-out, startup, commissioning and technical assistance.

Agility and Punctuality

Due to the focus on the schedule and the strong partnerships, MCK treats their clients with agility, always keeping the quality and efficiency of its products and provided services.


Quality Politics

MCK Automation has the goal of get consolidated as a reference in quality of products and services in the areas of Industrial and building automation. We always dedicate the continuous improvement in our quality management system, in the development of de our employees, products and services, in order to overcome our clients’ expectations and promote the community’s welfare, building a brand of excellence that must be recognized not just by our clients, but also by all national and international market.


Safety Politics

The emphasis on work safety has been a differential to increase our clients’ satisfaction on each work performed. The relation between our contributors happens in a transparent way, in which working safely is an obligation of all members.
Our employees are trained and conscientious to reach and develop a preventive culture in the environments our company operates.

The standardization of the processes guides and facilitates de execution of our Management Program. Using statistics techniques, we constantly evaluate the efficiency of the action plan safely. Preliminary risk analyses, inspections, trainings and defined operational procedures are some of the criteria we use to achieve it.

Environment Politics

MCK assumes the following commitments with the environment protection and its business sustainability:

  • Keeping the best practices in our work processes, constantly dedicating to the prevention and reduction of environmental impacts caused by our activities.
  • Correspond to the applicable legislation.
  • Dedicate to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
  • Proper destination of waste
  • Recycling Program

Conduct Code:

MCK group adopts an internal conduct code which defines de ethical principles that guide the conduction of the business in all the companies of MCK Group. Honesty, truth, integrity, loyalty, respect, dignity, transparence and justice re the principles which ground our decisions.

This Conduct Code dedicates to coordinate the actions of our employees and formalizes the ethical posture of MCK group towards the different publics of its relationship, being internal or external.

The content of this tool reflects the identity and image of the company, so everyone who is part of the organization must follow it.

Development Management

One of the cornerstones on the sustainability concepts in the companies is to stablish relations of complete respect between their employees, promoting the civility and fighting prejudice.

At MCK group, the practices of people management take into consideration the integration, welfare and personal and professional development of our employees.

All of our employees are registered and all their legal charges and working benefits are paid punctually as well as the rules are strictly followed..


With many programs of encouragement to participative management and to collective development, our multidisciplinary groups encourage the collaboration and creativity of each one of our employees.


MCK is located in the industrial pole of Osasco city, inside one of the biggest industrial condominiums in the region, Business Park Osasco, on Autonomistas Av, it offers easy access to the main highways, roads and marginals in the city and also to Nações Unidas Av. The company has a wide and modern own infrastructure that covers more than 2000 m² distributed in specific areas for projects, manufacturing and equipment commissioning.

The built structure covers its own parking lot, meeting room, training room,

Technical laboratories, and test areas for panels. In addition to having a large factory governed by adequate resources for the development of automation solutions, guaranteeing the results and the satisfaction expected by our customers.

MCK Automação
With more than 100 high qualified employees, MCK has technical intelligence, experience and qualified management in each one of its areas, MCK team is composed by 20 expert programmers, 35 technical electricians, assemblers focused in automation area, 10 mechanics and an expert engineering body, subdivided in mechanical projects, mechatronics, electronics and production management..

MCK also has high technological tools and equipment, strictly selected adopting the safety patterns and efficiency to provide the ideal development of high level projects, which demand accuracy, agility, efficiency and perfection.


MCK has trained and expert employees to attend our clients’ needs with excellence. In our team, there are professionals that fulfill the specifications of each area. To improve the quality of the offered services, our employees constantly participate of technological trainings. The background of our professionals took place in renowned institutions, such as SENAI, SENAC, among others.


Our Technical Team

Our team is composed by professional electronic technicians, electricians, mechanicals, programmers, helpers, among others. We work according to the technical rules and we follow patterns like the use of uniforms and identification tags

As well as the use of IPEs (Individual Protection Equipment), NR10 (regulatory standard of control of actions and preventive system that guarantee the health and safety of employees who work in our electric facilities), NR35 (regulatory standard which stablishes protection actions to work with height).


Our Engineering Team

Our team is made up of professionals in civil engineering, mechanics, electrical, production, work safety and automation, as well as highly qualified managers for service monitoring and project development.

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